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    The new 4GK website!

    We are still working on some final details, but we hope you like what we have done so far.

    For those who are new to our facility, 4GK Fitness is a service of The Four Gates School of Chinese Martial Arts.  We are committed to serving Patchogue area residents with great fitness classes and resources.  As martial artists, we have built the core of our program around our Fitness Kickboxing program, which is a slightly tamer version of the workout we use for our full contact fighters.  These classes are high intensity, calorie blasting, fat burning sessions that incorporate boot camp style warm ups, pad work, and rounds on the heavy bag to get your heart pumping.

    In addition, we have brought in some great professional instructors to teach Yoga and Belly Dance.  Yoga is a great complimentary workout that helps tone muscles while focusing on flexibility.  Our Yoga teacher, Melissa, also brings a sense of peaceful spirituality to the class to help you focus your mind and soothe your soul while you work.  For those not ready for the high intensity of our kickboxing workout, Belly Dancing with the Amanda helps participants ease their way into fitness in a low impact workout full of shimmies, slides, and smiles.  Belly Dance is a great way to learn to love yourself as you are so that your fitness journey can be rooted in a healthy mindset.

    We have also partnered with Nutrish Mish, one of Long Island’s top nutritional counseling services.  With an office located right on site, Michelle and her crew are available by appointment to help you kick your weight loss into high gear with personalized dietary advice.  As an added bonus, Nutrish Mish is free to our members enrolled on the Platinum program.

    We look forward to seeing you in class.  If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any member of our awesome staff, or shoot us a note at Info@4GKFitness.com.

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